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Vozol Star 9000 Vape
The Vozol Star 9000 Disposable Vape is a combination of cutting-edge technology, sleek design and unparalleled performance. Filled with 14ml of 5% nicotine-salt e-liquid, this device guarantees 9000 puffs. Its advanced 650mAh battery allows extraordinary flavor intensity delivered by the...
$18.99 $16.99
Vozol Gear 20000 Disposable Vape
Vozol Gear 20000 Puffs Disposable VapeIn the rapidly evolving world of vaping technology, the VOZOL Gear 20000 emerges as a groundbreaking achievement, setting new benchmarks for performance, innovation, and user satisfaction. This smart disposable vape device isn't just another addition...
Vozol Neon 10000 Vape
The Vozol Neon 10000 Disposable Vape offers an unforgettable vaping experience. Loaded with 10ml of 5% salt nicotine e-liquid, and capable of delivering up to 10,000 puffs, this device impresses with its performance. The 500 mAh Smart Display ensures an...
$18.99 $17.99
Vozol Vista 16000 Vape
Vozol Vista 16000 Puffs VapeIntroducing the VOZOL Vista 16000 Vape Kit: a cutting-edge, smart disposable vape that redefines the vaping experience with its futuristic design and unparalleled functionality. Designed for vapers who seek innovation and convenience, the VOZOL Vista 16000...
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